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February 3, 2010   Posted in: Uncategorized  No Comments

Family Recipe

Name: Family Recipe
Location: www.familyrecipe.com“> 231 Eldridge Street (between Houston & Stanton)
Website: www.familyrecipeny.com

Menu Highlights (changes seasonally):
- Sesame Tofu
- Grilled Watermelon Salad with Chèvre Cheese, Chia Seeds, Kabosu Balsamic, Spiced Cashews
- Kale & Grilled Mango Salad with Olives, Dates, Spiced Pecans
- Arugula and Shiitake Mushroom Salad, Fennel Kabosu Vinaigrette, Pumpkin Seed, Fried Leeks
- Brussels Sprouts with Miso Butter, Pine Nut
- Cauliflower Steak with Shiso Cream, Crispy Garlic, Pumpkin Seeds and Kale Chips
- Crunchy Vegetarian Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake) with Tempura Crumble, Chives, Cauliflower and Peanuts

VScoop: Family Recipe, a trendy yet cozy Nuvo Japanese restaurant with a rotating seasonal menu, offers several vegetarian and vegan options at any given point. The restaurant focuses on more subtle flavors, and the spices won’t hit the palate hard like many other Asian restaurants. The ingredients are fresh, addidng to the complexity of dishes. The kabosu (a juicy green citrus fruit closely related to yuzu) balsamic gave the grilled watermelon salad a little tanginess and worked well with the spiced cashews. The miso butter in the brussels sprouts added a delicate flavor. The cauliflower steak could have used a little more kick, but the creativity of the ingredients and the simplicity of the flavors were a definitely a welcome reprive from the usual Japanese joint that will take your standard vegetables and tofu and douse them in a standard teriyaki sauce.   The savory vegetarian okonomiyaki delivered quite some flavor and tasted lighter than we antpicated.   Family Recipe does fill up on the weekends, so do make a reservation if possible. VScoop Rating: **** Yelp Rating: ****

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November 26, 2012   Posted in: # of Veg Entrees: 3-4, ****, ****, Entree Price: $15-$20, Homey, Japanese, Lower East Side, Modern, Uncategorized, Vegan-Friendly  No Comments

Per Se

Name: Per Se
Location: 10 Columbus Circle
Website: www.perseny.com
Menu Highlights (changes seasonally, below is the Fall/Winter ‘12 Menu, click the website link above for their current menu):
- Savoy Cabbage and Ruby Beet “Borscht”, Watercress “Royale” and Horseradish Creme Fraiche
- “Cote de Celeri Farci”, Roasted Thompson Grapes, English Walnuts, Belgian Endive and Black Walnut Coulis
- Butternut Squash “Porridge”, Soft Boiled Hen Egg, Charred Eggplant, Petite Basil and Pumpkin Seed Oil
- Saffron-Braised Globe Artichokes, Cauliflower “Tabouleh”, Romaine Lettuce, Black Olive Puree and Parsley Vinaigrette
- Forest Mushroom “Quiche”, Caramelized Young Leeks, Honeycrisp Apple, Pearl Onions and Garden Mache
- Smoked Ricotta Enriched Yam “Agnolotti” with Toasted Oats, Brussels Sprouts, Celeriac “Veloute”, Pomegranate Kernels and Mushroom Essence
- Blue Ledge Farm’s “Middlebury Blue”, Vadouvan Curry “Madeleine”, Heirloom Carrots, Medjool Date “Marbles” and “Beurre Rouge”

VScoop: Dining at Per Se in the Time Warner Center is a quintessential New York dining experience, but it comes with a hefty price tag of $295 per person and requires a reservation at 10am exactly one month in advance. The menu at Thomas Keller’s Per Se is often mirrors the menu of his other restaurant in Sonoma, French Laundry. The wine list is presented on an I-pad, and if you’re there for a special occasion, the menu is custom printed for you with the event you are celebrating and date on top. We enjoyed the few amuse bouche served prior to the meal, but the meal definitely became less and less outstanding as the courses progressed, much like our experience at French Laundry. The well-balanced “Borscht” was hearty and comforting, while the “Cote de Celeri Farci” had more subtle flavors. The Butternut Squash Porridge (pictured) was delicate and gentle, yet decadent. The Globe Artichokes and Forest Mushroom Quiche were tasty, but didn’t live up to the standards of the other dishes, while the Smoked Ricotta Agnolotti was too sweet and lacked a balance of flavor. The “Middlebury Blue” cheese was poorly paired with the equally as strong curry madeleines; individually, both were nice, but as a combination, there were too many competing sharp flavors. The meal ended on a high note with a unique selection of delectable desserts, including figs in spiced red wine syrup and a tapioca pudding with ginseng ice cream. Fresh cookies and chocolates were given to us to take away. Overall, the experience was a memorable one, and the creativity and attention to detail that went into creating a separate ten-course vegetarian tasting menu is astounding for a restaurant at the level of Per Se. VScoop rating: ****1/2 Yelp: ****1/2

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October 15, 2012   Posted in: # of Veg Entrees: 5-7, ****, ****1/2, Entree Price: $25+, French, New American, Upper West Side, Upscale  No Comments

Mission Chinese

Name: Mission Chinese
Location: 154 Orchard Street (between Rivington and Stanton)

Menu Highlights:
- Fresh Tofu Poached In Soy Milk with Broad Bean Baste, Soy Beans, Sesame Leaves
- Thrice Cooked Shanghainese Rice Cakes, Tofu Skin, Bitter Melon, Chili Oil
- Stir Fried Sweet Peas, Pea Leaves, Numbing Chili, Pickled Onions
- Mongolian Long Beans with Roasted Chili, Horseradish, Chili Oil
- Braised Pea Greens, Boiled Peanuts, Pumpkin Broth
… and more

VScoop:  Mission Chinese is an outpost of Danny Bowlen’s original San Francisco joint. The restaurant is a new twist on Chinese-American dishes that stays true to the original flavors of Chinese cuisine. Seasoned with a spicy black pepper, the thrice-cooked rice cakes and Mongolian long beans, both cooked in a similar sauce, have a good amount of heat and flavor that lingers in your mouth for quite a while. The braised pea green is in a soup broth that is well-seasoned and the dish is very comforting. The restaurant does not take reservations over the phone, so you need to go down to the restaurant to put your name on a waiting list. During peak dining times such as weekend dinners, the wait time can be more than two hours. The restaurant takes your cell phone number down and gives you a call. To make the wait a little more pleasurable, there is a keg on tap for those in line. The space is pretty low-key and has a kitschy Chinese restaurant feel with a bit of that LES hipness. VScoop Rating: **** Yelp Rating: ****

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July 14, 2012   Posted in: # of Veg Entrees: 5-7, ****, ****, Chinese, Eclectic, Entree Price: $10-$15, Low-Key, Lower East Side, Vegan-Friendly  No Comments

Little Muenster

Name: Little Muenster
Location: 100 Stanton Street (between Ludlow & Orchard)
Website: littlemuenster.com

Menu Highlights:
- Oaxaca, Sweet Corn Purée, Tomatillo, Cotija, Peasant Bread
- Asiago, Parmesan, Muenster, Butternut Squash, Sage Brown Butter, Peasant Bread
- Teleggio, Fonitna, Sauteed Cremini & Shiitake Mushroom
- Maytag Blue, Muenster, Pear Puree

This “super fancy grilled cheese” spot in the Lower East Side delivers scrumptious grilled cheese sandwiches with delectable flavor profiles. The cozy venue has a limited amount of seating, and is good option for a quick bite. The Mexican-inspired grilled sandwich (oaxaca with sweet corn puree) was superb, but it would have been nice to have a bit more of the tomatillo flavor coming through. The dusted cotija on top was a nice addition and the sandwich did not taste nor feel greasy. We also tried the Maytag Blue, Muenster and Pear sandwich. The pear balanced well with the Maytag Blue and Muenster cheese, and was significantly better than your typical apple and brie combo, leading to a sandwich that was delectable and not overwhelmingly sweet. The sandwich with Asiago, Parmesan, Muenster, Butternut Squash, Sage Brown Butter was underwhelming though and we couldn’t really taste the sage. We really enjoyed the tomato soup at Little Muenster, and the home-made chips that are given with each sandwich was a nice touch. VScoop Rating: **** Yelp Rating: ****

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June 13, 2012   Posted in: # of Veg Entrees: 3-4, ****, ****, American / Comfort, Entree Price: $6-$10, Gluten-Free Options, Low-Key, Lower East Side, Lunch Spot  No Comments


Name: Ngam
Location: 99 Third Avenue (between 12th St & 13th St)
Website: www.ngamnyc.com

Menu Highlights:
- Chiang-Mai Fries: Kabocha pumpkin, sweet potatoes, housemade red curry mayonnaise, sweet & sour peanut relish
- Thai Corn Chowder: Sweet corn, coconut milk, lemongrass, kaffir lime, Thai chili, galangal, Thai basil
- “Som Tum” Salad: Green papaya, apples, lime, cashews
- “Kao Soy” Beet Ravioli: Beet ravioli, housemade “Kao Soy” curry broth, banana blossom chips, pickled mustard, shallot
- Pad Kra Brussels Sprouts: Brussels Sprouts sauteed in Thai basil

VScoop Review: With a trendy atmosphere, Ngam provides “artisanally prepared modern interpretations of classic Thai comfort food, inspired by the childhood memories of chef Ngamprom Hong Thaimee.” The Sweet corn soup had excellent spice and was well balanced. The Som Tum salad was shredded finely and had good flavors. The apple added a nice texture to the salad. The Pad Kra Brussels Sprouts were well seasoned, but the sauce was a bit drippy. The Kao Soy Ravioli (pictured) could have used a bit more stuffing and the plain tofu slab on top of the took away from the ravioli. Overall, the meal was inventive and some items were strong, while others could have used some tweaking. Veggiescoop: ***1/2 Yelp: ***1/2

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May 13, 2012   Posted in: # of Veg Entrees: 3-4, ***1/2, ***1/2, East Village (E14th St to E Houston St), Entree Price: $15-$20, Modern, Thai  No Comments


Name: Mehtaphor
Location: 130 Duane Street (at Church Street)
Website: www.mehtaphornyc.com
Menu Highlights:
- Avocado Ceviche
- Walnut Salad with Guacamole Sorbet & Raspberry Compote
- Truffle Goat Cheese Pizza
- Vegetable Dumpling Chaat
*- Truffle Mushroom Gratinee
- Indian Street Burger with Garlic Fries and Chipotle Mayonnaise

VScoop: After having eaten at Graffiti and despite being underwhelmed there, we decided to give Mehtaphor (by chef Jehangir Mehta) a try given the fact that Mehtaphor has an exclusively vegetarian menu of items that seemed unique. The upscale and well-appointed space, attached to the Tribeca Duane Street Hotel, had food that definitely delivered. The frozen guacamole with the walnut salad actually worked better than we thought. The salad consisted of onions, tomatoes, mixed greens, walnuts and a raspberry vinaigrette. The frozen guacamole gave it a nice, creamy texture. The portabello mushroom goat cheese pizza was a delightful surprise. Made with a pastry crust instead of traditional pizza dough, it felt much lighter and airier than your typical pizza. The portabello mushroom was finely diced which made it easier to eat. The vegetable dumpling chat (fried vegetable dumplings served with onions, tomatoes in a tamarind-based soy sauce) was really good, although if there was more tamarind and less soy, it would have taken it up a notch. We found it to be saltier and less chaat-like than we had hoped. The Indian Vegetable Burger definitely surpassed our expectations. Inspired by an Indian street food known as pav bhaji, Mehta’s version was less greasy and more flavorful, without being overpowering. The garlic gave the scrumptious fries an extra kick.  Overall, we enjoyed the Contemporary Indian food that Mehta presented.    VScoop Rating: **** Yelp Rating: ****

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Rating: 4.0/5 (1 vote cast)

April 5, 2012   Posted in: # of Veg Entrees: 5-7, ****, ****, Indian, Trendy, Tribeca  No Comments


Name: Balkanika
Location: 691 9th Avenue (between 47th & 48th Ave)
Website: www.balkanikany.com

Menu Highlights:
- Yogurt Beet Summer Soup with Dill, Pignolia & Garlic
- Paprika Walnut with Red Pepper, Walnut, Tomato, Red Onion
- Artichoke Spread with Lemon, Garlic, Oregano, Egg White
- Turmeric Almond Hummus Tahini, Garlic, Lemon Juice
- Vegetables: Brussels Sprouts with Garlic, Leeks with Lemon and Olive Oil, Cauliflower with Turmeric & Garlic, plus many more
- Bureks: Leek with Feta & Albanian Pepper, or Spinach & Ricotta
- Curry Balls: Ground Lentil, Chickpea, & Fava Patties with Yellow Curry & Herbs, served with Garlic Yogurt & Greens
… and more

We had quite some hope for Balkanika given its expansive and creative vegetarian selection.  While the food wasn’t terrible, it certainly did not knock our socks off.  The beet yogurt soup we started out with could have used more seasoning.  Aside from garlic, there was not much else going on flavor-wise.  We then proceeded to our mezze.   The Brussels Sprouts were overcooked (probably because they were cooked, and then heated up in a microwave), and although the more flavorful cauliflower with turmeric fared better, it was a bit too dry.   The red pepper walnut dip we had wasn’t pureed enough and had too many big chunks of walnuts, but the artichoke spread had a bit more going on texturally.  The main we ordered, the curry balls, were tasty and well-seasoned, with a number of spices coming through.  Although they were dry, the yogurt sauce wasn’t what they needed to take them up a notch.  VScoop Rating: ***  Yelp Rating: ***1/2

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March 20, 2012   Posted in: # of Veg Entrees: 5-7, ***1/2, ***1/2, Entree Price: $10-$15, Gluten-Free Options, Homey, Mediterranean, Rustic, Times Square & Hell's Kitchen (W42nd St to W59th St), Uncategorized  No Comments

The Meatball Shop

Name: The Meatball Shop
- 84 Stanton Street (between Allen and Orchard Street)
- 64 Greenwich Avenue (between W 11th Street and Perry Street)
- 170 Bedford Avenue (between N 7th Street & N 8th Street) in Williamsburg

Menu Highlights:
- Vegetable Meatballs: Mushrooms and Green Lentils
- Everything but the Kitchen Sink Salad:
3 Balls and Sauce Served Over a Chef’s Selection of Greenmarket Veggies and Salad
- Heroes, Sliders with Veggie Meatball with choice of Sauce

VScoop: The Meatball Shop, although the name may suggest otherwise, offers a plethora of combinations for veggie meatballs. Whether you want it in a slider with creamy parmesan sauce, in a hero with tomato sauce or in a salad with pesto sauce, you are likely to find something that suits your mood that day. The Everything but the Kitchen Sink Salad (pictured) changes almost daily, offering seasonal vegetables with greens, topped with meatballs. The quality of the protein-packed veggie meatballs are excellent. We love that they are not made of soy like many of the vegan joints around the city, but instead are made up of lentils and mushrooms. It gives the meatballs an earthy, wholesome taste and a dense texture. The sides here, such as the polenta and risotto are also well prepared, and are a nice addition to the Everything but the Kitchen Sink salad. You can’t make a reservation at The Meatball Shop and expect to wait a significant amount of time during peak dining hours. VScoop Rating: **** Yelp Rating: ****

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March 7, 2012   Posted in: # of Veg Entrees: 3-4, ****, ****, American / Comfort, Entree Price: $10-$15, Gluten-Free Options, Lower East Side, Vegan-Friendly, West Village & Meatpacking (W14th St to W Houston St)  No Comments


- Eggplant Dip: oven-charred eggplant caviar with Sardinian flatbread
-Winter Salad: Chicories with blood oranges, black olives + cider vinaigrette
- Cavolo Nero Pizza: black kale, butternut squash, walnut pesto, smoked mozzarella
- Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Almonds

Pulino’s, on the corner of Houston and Bowery, is a large, rustic space that was voted as having the best pizza in 2011 by the Village Voice. While their vegetarian menu is not vast, the items they did have were all excellent. The winter salad was crisp and refreshing. It could have used a little less vinaigrette, which could have used a bit more cider and a bit less olive oil to give it more of a cider flavor. The blood orange and bitter chicories in the salad were of excellent quality. The cavolo nero pizza was crisp, not overloaded with toppings so it didn’t get soggy and was thankfully not salty. The walnut pesto was light and everything came together well, although the mozerella didn’t taste as smoked as we expected. Pulino’s gives you salt on the side so that you can add it on your own to enhance the flavor of the dish. It’s perfect for those who don’t want the sodium overkill that pizza in most other restaurants deliver. The side of roasted brussels sprouts with almonds was simple yet a scrumptious delight for lovers of this wild cabbage. VScoop Rating: ****
Yelp Rating: ***1/2

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February 13, 2012   Posted in: # of Veg Entrees: 3-4, ****, ***1/2, Entree Price: $15-$20, Italian, Lower East Side, Rustic, Soho, Trendy  No Comments

Asia Dog

Name: Asia Dog
Location: 66 Kenmare Street (between Mulberry Street & Mott Street)
Website: asiadognyc.com

Menu Highlights:
- Mel & Steve Veggie Dog: Topped with Asian Sesame Slaw, Scallions & Sesame Seeds
- Vinh Veggie Dog: Banh Mi style, with Veggie Pate (upon request), Spicy Aioli, Cucumber, Pickled Carrot, Daikon, Jalapeno & Cilantro
- Ito Veggie Dog: Japanese Curry & Kimchi Apples
- Mash Veggie Dog: Sweet and Spicy Ketchup, Jalapeno Mustard, Crushed Potato Chips

VScoop: Well before the Asian taco craze (Korilla taco truck, etc), Asia Dog was serving up another American favorite, hot dogs, with Asian-inspired toppings,at the Brooklyn Flea Market. The success at Brooklyn Flea led to the company opening it’s first branch in Soho, and fans of the creative dogs now don’t have to wait until the weekends to get their Asia Dog fix. With a juicy veggie dog (one of the best we’ve had in terms of the quality of the actual dog) and creative toppings, Aisa Dog is a winner. The Ito (pictured) and Mel & Steve are ideal for those who want an Asian-inspired flavor but can’t handle too much heat. We felt that the in the Ito the Japanese curry tasted a bit watered down in terms of flavor. The Vinh (also pictured) is very refreshing and fairly authentic in terms of Banh Mi seasoning, but we couldn’t taste the pate much and the jalapenos overpowered the subtle seasoning that the other ingredients added. The dogs are not very big, so it’s possible to have one as a mid-day snack. VScoop Rating: ***1/2 Yelp Rating: ***1/2

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December 1, 2011   Posted in: # of Veg Entrees: 3-4, ***1/2, ***1/2, American / Comfort, Asian (Pan-Asian), Entree Price: Under $6, Soho, Vegan-Friendly  No Comments

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